Submit a Project

Finished your GSI project and ready to put it in on the map? Check out the submission guidelines below to learn more about project types, eligibility requirements, and other rules for inclusion. You should expect to receive a response within two weeks about project approval and inclusion on this website.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting a new project

This Detroit Stormwater Hub project map has information on engineered GSI projects that incorporate natural elements as a way to manage runoff. This includes rain gardens, bioswales, porous pavements, tree planters, and more. Naturally occurring ecosystems that also function to manage stormwater (wetlands, trees, and prairies) play an important role in stormwater management, but do not qualify as GSI for the purposes of this map.

When submitting a project, please make sure that it meets the following guidelines:

  1. Project is not already on the Stormwater Hub (updates may be submitted separately)
  2. Project is completed (it is in the ground, not in the planning stage)

  3. Project falls into one of the pre-defined GSI categories (see list on GSI in Detroit page)

  4. Project is within the City of Detroit

  5. Project has received any applicable City of Detroit permits, though not all projects require a permit
  6. Information submitted pertains to the GSI project only – The site may not be used for advertisement of private business, non-profit or political endorsement

  7. Language is appropriate for a public website and does not, for example, include any profanity or offensive language

Once your project is submitted, it will go through a short review process where the information is checked for errors and an inspector verifies the project exists. Within a few weeks, you can expect your project will be posted to the map or, if there is an issue, you will be contacted by a DWSD staff member.

Submitting a project update

If your project is already on the map, you may submit an update by emailing us.

All project updates should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Project is already on the Stormwater Hub (if it’s new, submit it through the form)

  2. You have new content to add (photos, expanded information, new project component, etc.)

  3. The update meets all other new project guidelines

When you submit an update, please allow a few weeks for review and processing for updates to appear on the map. If there is an issue, you will be contacted by a DWSD staff member.