Outhwaite Homes Rain Gardens

NeighborhoodOuter Drive-Hayes
Practice Type
    Additional Practice Type
  • DownspoutDisconnection,RainGarden
Project DescriptionThere are two lovely rain garden's planted across from one another in a delightful symmetrical pattern. The garden's are named for the Outhwaite Homes in Cleveland, OH where the homeowner was first introduced to the beautiful smell and look of flowers. This site is part of the Rain Garden's to the Rescue program funded by the Erb Family Foundation and managed by Friends of the Rouge and Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. This GSI practice provides educational opportunities. and beautification.
Reason for ProjectEnvironmental Benefits

Project Details

Received Drainage CreditNo
Public or PrivatePrivate
DesignerFriends of the Rouge (Cyndi Ross) and Project Owner (Jacqueline Kinsey)
InstallerFriends of the Rouge, Sierra Club, Jacqueline Kinsey
MaintainerJacqueline Kinsey
Project Owner TypeResidential
Practice Width10.00 ft
Practice Length15.00 ft
Practice Area150 sq ft
Acres Managed0.01 Acres
Million Gallons Managed Annually0.01 million gallons
Storm Event Size1.5 inches
Project Cost$800
Annual Maintenance Cost$50
Outhwaite Homes Rain Gardens