Michigan Science Center BioSwale Redesign

5020 JOHN R
NeighborhoodCultural Center
Practice Type
Project Description The Michigan Science Center bioswale was not constructed properly, where the drain was at the bottom of the swale. We reconstructed the swale to address structural adjustments. This ia a pilot project to illustrate how Green Stormwater Infrastructure can tell the story of water from a science perspective.
Reason for ProjectDrainage Credit

Project Details

Received Drainage CreditNo
Public or PrivatePublic
Installer Natural Community Services, LLC
Maintainer Michigan Science Center
Project Owner TypeNon-Profit
Practice Width30.00 ft
Practice Length230.00 ft
Practice Area6,600 sq ft
Acres Managed0.15 Acres
Million Gallons Managed Annually0.13 million gallons
Pipe Diameter (in)4.00 in.
Michigan Science Center BioSwale Redesign