Emily's Front yard Rain Garden

NeighborhoodBoston Edison
Practice Type
Rain Garden
Project DescriptionRain Garden's to the Rescue rain garden workshop and installation program coordinated by Friends of the Rouge and Sierra Club with funding from the Erb Family Foundation
Reason for ProjectEnvironmental Benefits

Project Details

Received Drainage CreditNo
Public or PrivatePrivate
DesignerCyndi Ross, Friends of the Rouge and Emily Levine
InstallerFriends of the Rouge / Sierra Club Great Lakes Program / Emily Levine
MaintainerEmily Levine
Project Owner TypeResidential
Practice Width10.00 ft
Practice Length10.00 ft
Practice Area100 sq ft
Acres Managed0.01 Acres
Million Gallons Managed Annually0.00 million gallons
Project Cost$800
Annual Maintenance Cost$50
Emily's Front yard Rain Garden