Davison School Rain Garden

Practice Type
Project DescriptionThis rain garden is located at a Davison Elementary - Middle School (DPS) and was installed by students and volunteers as a component of the Land + Water Works program funded by the Erb Family Foundation. Friends of the Rouge and Sierra Club planned and coordinated the project along with Gina Reichert, a Rain Garden's to the Rescue alum. The students took great pride in their efforts to help manage storm water and provide some beauty on their school campus.
Reason for ProjectEducational

Project Details

Received Drainage CreditNo
Public or PrivatePublic
DesignerFriends of the Rouge (Cyndi Ross) and Gina Reichert (Powerhouse Productions/Davison parent/volunteer)
InstallerFriends of the Rouge, Sierra Club, Davison School (Gina Reichert)
MaintainerGina Reichert and Davison School personnel
Project Owner TypeGovernment
Practice Width18.00 ft
Practice Length20.00 ft
Practice Area360 sq ft
Acres Managed0.16 Acres
Million Gallons Managed Annually0.02 million gallons
Storm Event Size1 inch
Project Cost$1,200
Annual Maintenance Cost$100
Davison School Rain Garden