AB Ford Park Rain Gardens

NeighborhoodJefferson Chalmers
Practice Type
Project DescriptionTwo Rain Garden's to the Rescue program rain gardens. both capturing off impervious areas located at the western edge of AB Ford Park near the soon to be renovated pavilion.
Reason for ProjectEnvironmental Benefits

Project Details

Received Drainage CreditNo
Public or PrivatePublic
DesignerCyndi Ross, Friends of the Rouge, Sanaa Green
InstallerFriends of the Rouge, Sierra Club and Sanaa Green plus community members and youth
MaintainerSanaa Green
Project Owner TypeGovernment
Practice Width15.00 ft
Practice Length10.00 ft
Practice Area150 sq ft
Acres Managed0.00 Acres
Million Gallons Managed Annually0.00 million gallons
Storm Event Size1 inch
Project Cost$1,200
Annual Maintenance Cost$150
AB Ford Park Rain Gardens