Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)

Detroiters are using natural solutions to capture and filter excess rainwater to help reduce flooding and untreated combined sewage discharges into our rivers. The Detroit Stormwater Hub provides a place to share Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects, access resources and learn from one another.

Together, we’re committed to making Detroit the greenest city in America!

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*This website includes public, private, and community GSI projects. As such, the metrics below are unofficial and may differ from officially reported NPDES permit metrics.


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Projects shared on Detroit Stormwater Hub provide local examples of GSI in action. This helps make all of our stormwater management work more visible, encourages our neighbors to install GSI of their own, and demonstrates the collective impact that residents, businesses, non-profits, and the city can have when we come together.

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What people are saying

Lisa Wallick

- Lisa Wallick, P.E., Field Services Director - Permits and Stormwater, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department -

“We will continue to invest public dollars to improve stormwater management, reduce demand on our combined sewer system, reduce flooding and help maintain clean, blue waterways. We are proud to collaborate with our nonprofit partners and the community in building green stormwater infrastructure projects. Together, we can make Detroit more climate-resilient and the greenest city in America."

Erma Leaphart Gouch

- Erma Leaphart, Conservation Associate Organizer, Great Lakes Program, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter -

“As a life-long resident of Detroit, my vision is one of a vibrant and healthy community with nature all around. Green Stormwater Infrastructure’s goal is to keep our rivers clean by reducing sewage overflows, but the practices are also wonderful examples of how to bring us closer to nature. I am grateful for the accomplishments by city government, businesses and organizations. I am most inspired and in awe of the projects and efforts by everyday people who care.”

Fai Foen Greening of Detroit

- Fai Foen, Director of Green Infrastructure, ASLA, LEED GA, The Greening of Detroit -

"Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is so important to residents, businesses, property owners, land planners, and decision makers, no matter where you are in the watershed. Every gallon of rainwater managed where it falls, is one less gallon rushing pollutants to our precious rivers and lakes or causing catastrophic damage to homes and basements. Every treatment, from trees to rain gardens to underground storage, is an opportunity and a responsibility to engage and strengthen the social, economic, environmental, equitable balance of our neighborhoods. The Detroit Stormwater Hub allows us to see where GSI is already happening in Detroit and envision where else it needs to be included. The Greening of Detroit is proud to be part of this effort!”